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This episode made me cry

This episode made me cry


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beckabee added this comment  2012-03-26 16:39:04-05:00

I love Glee so much. hence the panda hat. lol it was inspired by santana on glee. ^_^

sam281732 added this comment  2012-03-25 17:43:12-05:00

best glee episode ever. GLEE FOREVER!

karon1996 added this comment  2012-03-07 17:04:47-06:00

On My Way was a great episode

budahababy added this comment  2012-03-07 17:01:58-06:00

ohh i member this. i cried i was like noo. tht was so sad

beckabee added this comment  2012-03-06 19:42:43-06:00

yeah i cried so much

vambie added this comment  2012-03-06 18:15:22-06:00

Aww:( And i like the song.

mochafrappe369 added this comment  2012-03-06 18:09:32-06:00

OMG!! ME 2!! idk y karofsky wud hang himself cuz they wrote fag across his gym locker!! but its still rele sad!! :'(