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About me

  • About me

    I'm a dinosaur =] BAMF. Bitchess I am also a certified Unicorn Trainer :] Stereo Skyline <3
  • Music

    Screamo Techno Rock Lots of Alternative Stuff with a good beat


    MTV Much music Oooh ooh + the Real World + LA Ink
  • Lifestyle

    Uhmm, Helping Animals x] and People and Animal rights stuff Almost fully vegetarian!!!!!:D


    not really into sports I kinda suck, Thats what I think But Sandboxess arrree the SHITT XP
  • Arts

    Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing!!! Dancing MUSIC =]


    One day I'll rule the world. My favourite colour of skittles are sour green:) I love my Connies Oliver Sykes Is my future husband :) Sorry x]

Vegetarian x]

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