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About me

  • About me

    Well 17 5'2....yeah Im short...dont remind me hair was purple, and then I bleached it...and so now its blond and pink :D Ummm if you have a question. just ask.
  • Music

    I LOVE Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, LaFee, Eiseblume, 90's. I listen to a bit of everything, and I can put up with a lot of music so if you want an honest oppion send me a message with a song/link, What ever you want and I will tell you what I think.


    Yeah....mention something, cause I watch ALOT of ask me and I will tell you.
  • Lifestyle

    Umm simple...ish... I dont know ask cause well I have no clue what to put here.


    I love Football (Denver Broncos) Soccer (New Castel United) (Germany) (England) I watch only thoese teams, and yes I know England and Germany are country teams, but thats for world cup, but thats the best time to watch....since I cant get anything sides
  • Arts stuff??? Abstract...dark....deep....stuff..


    ASK ME ANYTHING!!!! I will most likely answer :D ~Love to all~ ~Beka

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