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About me

  • About me

    hi im bella1012 i have pets im a animal lover i like music im in karate and i have an annoying brother i just get hurt all the time wit him and then i yell at him dnt wish u have my bro
  • Music

    i love all kind of music but my least favorite is country srry. yep that is true


    i love scary movies i mostly like all movies except my favorite movie or movie series is twilight the series. and im team jacob hes so awesome
  • Lifestyle

    ok get yelled at its funny sometimes and im a trouble maker and i have an awesome family sometimes =l sometimes there just weird


    all kinds except for cheer leading it's horrible. dnt join it
  • Arts

    painting drawing invader zim and nature and other stuff


    have two dogs well three on the way and three cats and gettin a turtle mayb


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