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A friend's Promise

A friend's Promise


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billina added this comment  2009-08-14 12:41:06-05:00

Yh i know :(

abbilovesyou added this comment  2009-08-14 10:33:53-05:00

Okay But ya no she can't come to scummerset ={ she has to pack to move Boo Hiss

emilysagood added this comment  2009-11-28 17:53:21-06:00

I WILL COME DOWN SOON I WILL TRY actually a couple days ago i tried. i did but failed. stupid dad. WELL NEXT TIME I WILL WIN! I WILL!

billina added this comment  2009-08-12 18:41:36-05:00

Ok next time me you and Emily go out on an outing i'll take new ones of you

littlemissmcr added this comment  2009-08-12 18:37:53-05:00

But please new photos of mee i look weirrdd in the weston ones

littlemissmcr added this comment  2009-08-12 18:37:34-05:00

Awww nice gloggy love it