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Dark and Alone

Dark and Alone


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billina added this comment  2009-05-30 13:01:33-05:00

I'll try not to

littlemissmcr added this comment  2009-05-29 18:07:21-05:00

Just don't get to dark kay?

billina added this comment  2009-05-29 18:00:10-05:00

Thanks Abi I really don't know when i became so dark then again i'm listening to quite dark music at the momment which proberly influenced me to do a glog like this.

littlemissmcr added this comment  2009-05-29 17:56:46-05:00

Jaye as amazing as this is when did you become so dark? like i said amazing but dark but i suppose i'm hardly one to talk love it dearry it is really good