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What did i do?

What did i do?


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billina added this comment  2009-08-19 11:15:54-05:00

Thanks for all your comments. Awwwww Poor you EmoBabe694 =/

emobabe694 added this comment  2009-08-18 17:30:38-05:00

I could say this to my ex, who hates me for no reason =/

emobear added this comment  2009-08-18 17:16:09-05:00


littlemissmcr added this comment  2009-07-11 15:21:47-05:00

JAYYE Is this just random thoughts or is something round deary Tell meeee love yaa xox

littlemissmcr added this comment  2009-07-14 14:43:20-05:00

okayyyyyyyy buttt please understand what i said was purely said because i was worried you;d get ill or something you seemed that worried xox

billina added this comment  2009-07-14 13:46:29-05:00

Love ya too xoxox

billina added this comment  2009-07-14 13:46:07-05:00


billina added this comment  2009-07-14 13:45:52-05:00

Its my style of writing Abi, and it is something to do with me. I jave had enough of people telling me of for what i do even helping. So i feel trapped.

neonband added this comment  2009-09-16 13:48:47-05:00

awww... honey, i lost my very best friend in 7th grade.. we were SO tight, we did everything together. and then, after, like, 13 years of friendship the whole thing just crumbled.. i know - believe me, i know - how bad it hurts. how f***ing bad it hurts to be hurt like that..

billina added this comment  2009-07-16 15:12:12-05:00

yh i understand