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What do you see in me?

What do you see in me?


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xxabby95xx added this comment  2009-08-14 17:38:43-05:00

i agree with,AbbiLovesYou

abbilovesyou added this comment  2009-08-14 17:30:34-05:00

I see georgusnes and a funny person I see my amazing best mate who i love to peices And I see someone who cares so much for her friends and family loves xox

howsey15 added this comment  2009-08-30 05:39:29-05:00

Awesome, i see an awesome person who just follows her heart, Its awesome. =D

emilysagood added this comment  2009-11-28 17:47:24-06:00

i see my bestiest friend (along with my other bestiest friend abbi) shes a vair amazing, funny, caring, kind, funny, amazing... did i say amazing? you're great :)

emobabe694 added this comment  2009-08-18 17:32:08-05:00

I see a great Glogger and a perfectly unique person ;)

emobear added this comment  2009-08-18 17:15:08-05:00

Agreements(: Love itt(:

midnightlove added this comment  2009-08-18 17:09:39-05:00

I see a really pretty girl who doesn't care what people thinks. I also agree with you.

queenmaddy added this comment  2009-08-18 17:06:42-05:00

I also agree with abbiloversyou :]

austillini added this comment  2009-11-25 20:50:47-06:00


austillini added this comment  2009-11-25 20:50:31-06:00

I see an amazing person with a great future ahead of her Good luck

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