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Good Dreams

Good Dreams


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mezzopiano added this comment  2013-04-28 15:11:15-05:00

I'm starting to wonder if you have any glogs that's not good. All of yours so far are so powerful and beyond words.

heyhayley added this comment  2012-05-23 18:52:22-05:00


jjroyce added this comment  2011-08-13 13:13:16-05:00

Are you for real? THIS IS BEAUTIFULLY MADE. deserves more rates and comments 5*+alert

chalkdawg added this comment  2011-06-20 20:31:08-05:00

Perfect for exemplifying dreams. The wings are a nice touch! Five and a fav.

biyanca added this comment  2011-08-18 17:10:05-05:00

haha, thank you so much JJRoyce :)

toolazytousespacebars added this comment  2011-04-09 16:13:44-05:00

You know, I seen this glog many times. Loved it every single effing time. Now I get down to commenting... every single time i look at it, i see something different, but it still is beautiful. Everyone who commented before meh is totally right.

heavon added this comment  2011-03-30 23:07:19-05:00

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!! WOW THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taragirl19 added this comment  2011-07-30 16:52:54-05:00


hoope added this comment  2011-08-10 08:32:50-05:00


toolazytousespacebars added this comment  2011-07-24 11:02:11-05:00

Come back to love ;)

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