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thanks for the hint glogster

thanks for the hint glogster


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apostrophe added this comment  2011-08-23 11:15:35-05:00

Whoa, how'd all this happen?! D: You've never done anything bad. akfakljdfks I'm sorry that I don't talk to you much! Even though I'm one of your only friends. :C :'D At least you're so nice and optimistic and cool.

gothgirl added this comment  2011-08-23 04:39:20-05:00

oh this is really sad to read:( im sorry this has happened to u:) well u need to talk more to ur friends maybe? i always write how r u wen sending a glog and most reply with good..thanks or bad etc..but i notice u never do!!! so maybe u need to start trying a bit harder on ur side as well as others trying on their side..hope u dont take offense to this!! i just think from my point of view as we never talk but have lots of opportunities u dont take thats maybe y??? x

blackdinosaur added this comment  2011-08-22 21:20:10-05:00

thanks but i dont even know you in real life

harrypotterlover1 added this comment  2011-08-22 21:18:48-05:00

OMG.!! U Have friends.!! I at least am ur frannnddd!!!

blackdinosaur added this comment  2011-08-22 18:40:38-05:00

i lovve how noone comments...

latinachick added this comment  2011-08-25 00:13:43-05:00

hey your cool so dont listen to those people cuzz i would never delete

cindybm added this comment  2011-08-24 23:25:07-05:00

WOW! i feel the same way but these aren't really real friends, I mean they can view and comment and say they love you but you don't know who they really are...

heelee added this comment  2011-08-24 22:55:51-05:00

oh yeah and btw dont leave glogster just becuz some people are jerks. dont let them hurt you. and i bet the ppl that remove you, block, or deny you they most likely dont even hav a good reason to. i mean for the denying part, just think about life, your gonna get denyed sometimes, and other times get accepted. but dont let it mess you up if u get denyed. just try your best to ignore it and tough through it. and i know that i dont know you but i think you'd be a really nice person if i met you in real life:) well thats all i hav to say and remember wat i said. dont leave glogster just becuz of the jerks out ther k :)

heelee added this comment  2011-08-24 22:48:35-05:00

i dont hate you. actually, i completly agree with you. hardly anybody on glogster is a real friend. you hardly know them and some people are just jerks anyway. i love this glog. it's awesome becuz its true

blackdinosaur added this comment  2011-08-24 21:28:27-05:00

thanks but i dont even know you

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