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 what to do?


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edwadrsgirl added this comment  2009-08-31 14:50:54-05:00

I Know How That Feels. But, i Have Someone In My Life Who I Can Tell Anything To. And They Understand, and They Help. My Wounderful Freinds, They Say, Move On, It's All In The Past, you Don't Live Back There, You Live Here, In The Now, Live Your Life Like You Wont Be Around Tommarow..

caliganex added this comment  2009-02-09 18:04:10-06:00

Gosh, I feel the same... but I just woke up one morning, and I forgot about all my problems... which is alot... lolz

xxandyreaxx added this comment  2009-02-04 16:30:07-06:00

I dont know I wish I did!

gothgirl added this comment  2008-12-28 18:25:03-06:00

get some help:)

jag2910 added this comment  2009-01-21 22:00:09-06:00

Yes, anyone who feels like this needs to get help. There are helplines to ring 24 hours a day! Or if they are young, tell their parents or a teacher or counselor.

stuperb added this comment  2009-01-29 19:01:53-06:00

well said jag i need not say a word