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February is black history month

February is black history month


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liljada19 added this comment  2009-04-01 18:37:44-05:00

awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!

emoxalo666 added this comment  2009-02-15 12:52:23-06:00

awwww thats so considerate 2 all the black ppl...i'm only half black but ty this means a lot.

perkymoon added this comment  2009-02-15 12:47:38-06:00

Im sorry i know nothing of this :( but im sure it is of great importance! so 5 stars

emoxscenexvampire added this comment  2009-02-15 12:46:29-06:00

thanks for the reminder lol awesome

brebre2 added this comment  2009-02-15 12:45:56-06:00

dats so nice !!!

queenmaddy added this comment  2009-02-15 12:41:13-06:00

aww!! cool glog! XD