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My favourite teams and players!!!

My favourite teams and players!!!


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fensvazomen1984 added this comment  2012-12-14 09:31:28-06:00

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taylor1099 added this comment  2011-01-13 17:53:18-06:00

were the ravens at cause they the best

beatlemania added this comment  2010-06-18 19:29:23-05:00

Awsome glog dude i cant believe the cards got beat in that super bowl

zack52096 added this comment  2010-06-03 21:39:34-05:00

where are the rays and you did good on the lightning

estephens1342 added this comment  2011-11-06 20:14:07-06:00


kitty35 added this comment  2009-02-08 19:23:27-06:00

luv the steelers

yoyojoe added this comment  2009-02-13 09:56:12-06:00

i totally love all sports and this glog!

buffalosabres added this comment  2009-05-23 16:29:37-05:00

they all suck

buffalosabres added this comment  2009-05-23 16:29:22-05:00

they all suck

dane12 added this comment  2010-06-05 13:17:38-05:00

Where are the Packers on this Glog?

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