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sonica19 added this comment  2012-08-16 09:20:25-05:00

canada (for once) creeps me out.

bowzrox added this comment  2012-08-15 15:49:45-05:00

I like Iggy too lol he makes no sense! ^^

sonica19 added this comment  2012-08-15 15:30:52-05:00

LOL. At first i was gonna say iggy is my favorite. my moms fav is china and my dads favorite is russia.

misscocobisoux21 added this comment  2012-08-15 14:22:28-05:00

omg wait is this pewdiepie singing?

misscocobisoux21 added this comment  2012-08-15 14:21:53-05:00


bowzrox added this comment  2012-08-15 13:50:31-05:00

I lol'd so hard that when my brother saw me he was like y r u crying XD