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cant make me change

cant make me change


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breebie added this comment  2012-05-26 21:00:05-05:00

This is Ashlynn on Briana's account and I do love mustache!

lolgirl0809 added this comment  2012-05-17 18:31:33-05:00

bree u not stupid,insane,ugly,crazy!!!!!!!! and hair color does not effect anything. UR U AND UR AWESOME BEING U!!! me think ur pretty.

breebie added this comment  2012-05-16 16:44:49-05:00

thx leigh thts y ur a keeper for a bff

dolphinhugger added this comment  2012-05-16 16:41:46-05:00

yes ik who i am nd i understand that there r things idk bout u nd im ok with that. just know u can talk 2 me even if i cant truly know how u feel.