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About me

  • About me

    Okai thought id update this soooo here it goes... Im a kida a geek im like the only blonde i know who isn't dumb exept for my bff you know who you are ;D I'm ugly:( and ppl bully me for it I'm best friends with dolphinhugger aka Leigh we go to school together I'm just a girl trying to find a place in this word haha good job if u know who I quoted im unique I'm just a freakin ray of sunshine do don't rain on my parade so um yeah btw my name is briana but u can call me bri
  • Music

    i LOVE taylor swift she is my idol i like katy perry basically anyone but justin bieber eeewwww music is everything my dream is to become a successful singer/songwriter


    i watch modern family it cracks me up sometimes and i love the movie grownups btw i love pretty little liars
  • Lifestyle

    hmmmm let me think about that one..… idt I have one


    i play softball ONLY firstbase i hate outfield i swim yeah and volleyball i have a wicked serve and basketball
  • Arts

    i like painting but i doodle does that count?


    my bff: Leigh she is awesome i know youre reading this girly so don't get a big head Favorite color: purple Fav. subject: science also i want to find a guy someday who will love me for who i am:)

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