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The truth (Jesus died for our sins)

The truth (Jesus died for our sins)


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gasehady added this comment  2012-04-05 01:33:37-05:00


sorrow added this comment  2008-09-28 01:34:35-05:00


babyruby added this comment  2008-09-26 21:44:59-05:00

i really like this. awesome way to get the point across. love it!!!

justmauh added this comment  2009-04-17 17:29:24-05:00

i am a strong believer and god and this shows how much he loves us especially after what they did to them he never stopped loving them!!!!

hokiesis added this comment  2009-04-06 21:40:00-05:00

i like it alot im so proud of you showing you are a christian on the internet and all the different people on here

shopgirl101 added this comment  2009-04-06 16:44:11-05:00

love the songs and the vids too!

shopgirl101 added this comment  2009-04-06 16:42:44-05:00

awesome...spreading the word! good job!

damagedandalone added this comment  2008-10-08 11:18:18-05:00

Yep that is true............. This is a little to I am going to cry........

mrsecullens added this comment  2008-10-08 11:05:59-05:00

omg! this is so sad!

alinoi13 added this comment  2009-04-06 08:19:19-05:00

omg.....this is .... sad

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