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About me

  • About me

    If there were a soundtrack to my life, the two featured songs would be "Good Day" by Luce and "Bad Day" by Danial Powter. :o)
  • Music

    I love all kinds of music! Really random stuff. =) Name something and I'll tell you if I like it. =)


    I don't really watch TV all that often, but when I do, I like NCIS and PSYCH. =) As for movies, I don't pick favorites, but I have a few I could watch over and over. They include: August Rush, Awakenings, Pirates of the Caribbean I, Finding Neverland, an
  • Lifestyle

    I'm a funny random person who likes funny, random stuff! Go figure! =D And I use smilies all the time. =)


    Not really a sports fan, but I enjoy bikeriding. =)
  • Arts

    I love arts of all kinds, especially when it comes to drawing and graphic designs.


    Not really sure what else I should tell you about me. =P Oh, but the thing that's labeled my TWITTER is NOT - it's my Tumblr. =)

Recap of September 2009

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