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About me

  • About me

    i am goin to be 15 i love animals and music i dnt a bf... im nt afraid to bitch u out if i need to... i can get along wit ppl easy... love my frnds and family... i wnt bk dwn and ill tell u wht i think flat out... i am who i am and thts tht... not guna change for any1.... i do say things i dont mean if i am mad or w.e... and im srry if i hurt u evr from tht....
  • Music

    Slipknot Icp disturbed 3 days grace hinder sick puppies alOt more


    Horror and bloodly movies
  • Lifestyle

    Pretty normal.. Tend to keep to myself if I dnt knw u... I rly dnt care but stupid bs... If I want i can get along with any1 I add... u cn ask meh anything and I will answer no matter how awkward I think it is I'll answer...


    Volleyball and basketball (sorta kinda)
  • Arts

    I like drawin alil


    I write poems talk to ppl n listen to music If u got any questions just ask meh ight

old ass oneee

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