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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games


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teamedwardgirl added this comment  2012-08-22 22:34:23-05:00

I agree with you pinkshimmerjm they really should have put that in the movie.

prettygirl223 added this comment  2012-08-01 23:46:53-05:00

Love the hunger games!! I have a katniss and Peeta shirt!!

hanakisa added this comment  2012-05-15 03:07:35-05:00

i love the hunger games!!!!! nice t shirt btw :)

cindybm added this comment  2012-04-27 22:02:14-05:00

ahah cool gif :]

beccabuu added this comment  2012-04-08 14:46:29-05:00

Awwww... cute T-Shirt. I myself is reading the books. This song is very truthful and it goes great with the books. (:

pinkshimmerjm added this comment  2012-04-05 22:41:47-05:00

i can't stop singing this song!!!! btw if you've seen the movie AND read the books, u know what I'm talking about. who agrees that in the movie, they would've liked to have seen the hovercraft where peeta's leg gets amputated and stuff and katniss is pounding in the door screaming peeta's name?!

imbeautifulme added this comment  2012-04-05 22:37:43-05:00


imbeautifulme added this comment  2012-04-05 22:36:55-05:00


imbeautifulme added this comment  2012-04-05 22:36:45-05:00

-Omg, LOVE this song,obsessed and addicted to hunger games and i saw the movie last week, it was awesome! ;) I didnt even know what the hunger games were untill our school made us read the first book. Im glad they did :D < 3

1288682 added this comment  2012-03-29 17:39:19-05:00


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