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About me

  • About me

    Ello. (-; Cho Shonen here! Although that's not my real name, I also go my Tyki Mikk. You can call me Roxas, too. (-:
  • Music

    I like listening to Japanese bands. I am in no way Japanese. At all. Which sorta sucks, but I plan on moving to Japan soon (well... as soon as I become old enough)! I want to meet abingdon boys school live!


    I watch Japanese animes on YouTube. (-: I'm not as much of a movie buff as I used to be. /-: Some of my favorite animes are D.Gray-Man, Darker than BLACK, Death Note, and Mermaid Melody.
  • Lifestyle

    I love painting. I also dabble in playing the keyboard, too. Oh, and I'm planning on moving soon! Cross your fingers for me. (-: I really hope we get this house.


    I used to play basketball. In fact, I've played it for seven years in a row... but I stopped this year. Why, you ask? I broke my foot while trying to jump for something blue in the hallway at school. )-: I should be better soon!
  • Arts

    Well... like I said before, I play piano and paint. (-: I can draw waaaaaaay better than I paint, though. /-: Touché. Right now I'm trying to learn most D.Gray-Man songs on the piano. I wanna upload tutorials soon! (-:


    I speak Japanese. Although it's not as good as my English, I'm getting there. I'm completely fluent in Gibberish (wikipedia it!), too, and am learning Brazilian Portuguese. I digress... I'm also attempting to make a manga. (-:

Medieval Feudal System (for skool)

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