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About me

  • About me

    TAKERU IS EPIC HOTNESS. I LOVE HIM!! Oh, and I'm Japanese. So, yeah.
  • Music

    SuG xD <3Takeru<3 Hikki (Utada) Kanon Wakeshima Ayu (Ayumi Hamasaki) Okay. I obviously only mostly like Japanese artists. Maybe it's because they're more talented than the crap (what on earth is rap supposed to be?) being put out in America...?


    Glee (wOaH, aMeRiCaN tAlEnT, FINALLY) Final Fantasy (aGaIn, JAPANESE)
  • Lifestyle

    Anticipating my future; Japan. Thinking about it every day. :-) And I can't wait to see you in a few years, you know who you are. xD Yep, and you thought I wouldn't remember you!!
  • Others

    Don't worry; my age is lies. I just entered the birthday of Takeru. My real age? It's complicated.


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