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Ven's End (BbS)

Ven's End (BbS)


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teamchezaandkiba added this comment  2012-02-15 05:42:53-06:00

Dude I Love This Especially Kingdom Hearts Fave Game In The World!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

kairi101 added this comment  2011-08-15 02:11:25-05:00

aww, so sad, but this is a wonderful glog! ven looks EXACTLY like roxas.

caela added this comment  2010-12-29 23:56:13-06:00

Sora was the best Keyblade Wielder to ever exist. Just sayin'. Haha.

caela added this comment  2010-11-22 22:20:16-06:00

Thanks. :D I liked Ven the best, too. His personality was so much better than Terra's and Aqua's (and that's probably because I LOVE Sora and they have the same personality) because he's not so conceited and always unleashes his inner child. So his ending was so god dang depressing.

caela added this comment  2011-01-02 21:02:09-06:00

Never. Ever.

weeeee954 added this comment  2010-11-22 15:41:21-06:00

omg ven was my fav out of terra and aqua but they are all pretty cool its a nice glog btw

caela added this comment  2010-11-21 23:57:50-06:00

If you consider him joining his heart with Sora's and basically becoming part of Sora...then yeah he dies...and I just finished beating the game as him. It was pretty sad, so I made this Glog.

caela added this comment  2010-11-21 23:48:10-06:00

No, this is the ending to his story. He joined hearts with Sora. The song is his theme by Yoko Shimomura.

soulseeker added this comment  2010-11-21 10:14:13-06:00

i like the music. nice glog. does he really die?

strifysally929 added this comment  2010-12-27 15:32:39-06:00

they were the original keyblade masters before sora came along, it was between riku and sora (who was to be the keyblade master)

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