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About me

  • About me

    Heyy what up, it's Chris! :D I'm that crazy 16 year old from Ontario, Canada. OMFGG, yes, Canada! No way, huh? It's crazy, I know. BE JEALOUS, AMERICANS! Kidding, love you. :)
  • Music

    Like I just said up above, I LOVE music. Almost anything. Rap, rock (screamo, punk, alternative), and some techno shit!


    Well, Avatar was a fucking sexy movie! I love horror movies as well, and funny TV shows like South Park and Family Guy. Honestly, those shows are SO FUCKING STUPID, but so funny at the same time.
  • Lifestyle

    I play hockey. I was the lead singer of a band, but we broke up. I snowboard. I play guitar and keyboard. I BMX bike. I rap. I have my own home studio. I get good grades in school. I'm FUCKING CRAZY! I LOVE music.


    I'm 100% hockey. Reasons? I'm 100% Canadian. Lol well, I also snowboard, and BMX bike. I used to skateboard and play volleyball as well. Volleyball? Yeahh! SUCK IT! Volleyball is a sick sport.
  • Arts

    Uhmmm, well am I artisticly inclinded as in drawing? Noooooo! NOOOOO! My stick people get me by. That's all I need. But if music counts as an art, then hell yes! :D


    ADD MY NEW PROFILE, I won't really be using this one anymore. SO ADD ME UP. (: Copy and past this link:

IMPORTANT!!! New Account, Friends. :)

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