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The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away


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jjuarez25 added this comment  2012-11-04 12:37:34-06:00

its so but so OMG pretty

6494302 added this comment  2012-07-30 17:32:37-05:00

I love this song

jjuarez25 added this comment  2012-02-29 17:12:08-06:00

i <3 it awsome <<<<<<<<<3 im so chessey :D

vivien added this comment  2012-02-07 12:26:56-06:00

Amazing work I love all your glogs chalkdawg Please send me the links in messages as i don't get to see your glogs often enuff! And i can't message you as you don't exist when i try to lol don't know why ?

heartxnxsoul added this comment  2012-02-02 18:47:05-06:00

awesome!!! <3

wetrosepetals48 added this comment  2012-01-10 00:50:11-06:00

I love it Chalky xx

blackviolet9 added this comment  2012-01-06 20:32:00-06:00

amazing! i love the hand with the mist :)

mona2010 added this comment  2012-01-05 11:13:43-06:00

few weeks back I was listening to this song like 100 times , love it a lot! Thank for glogging this masterpiece - both the gloggy and song.

cindybm added this comment  2012-01-03 19:09:43-06:00

wow this is really great i love that u can see a guys face right there...

michael5 added this comment  2012-01-03 15:56:32-06:00

great glog my friend! the heart is a tender thing always to be held with great care, i count myself lucky the one i want has not got away! fav all the way! :)

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