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Friend or Foe? : Prologue

Friend or Foe? : Prologue


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distvigadna1984 added this comment  2012-12-13 23:25:23-06:00

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cheche2000 added this comment  2012-06-27 00:40:43-05:00

1st chapter is up on my glog ^~^ , check it out if ya want

cheche2000 added this comment  2012-06-25 00:48:00-05:00

If you guys want, I can post the first chapter on a glog >> , i kinda gotten into it and went along to make a chapter for it and such. Hehe ^_^

mashmello added this comment  2012-06-20 09:00:00-05:00

<3 nice ^^

cheche2000 added this comment  2012-06-18 16:14:22-05:00

It is Roxas ^^ - 1hellluvabutler

mattiefluffer added this comment  2012-06-18 07:54:56-05:00

I love it :3

1helluvabutler added this comment  2012-06-18 01:40:26-05:00

Well, anyway. Through my stupidity- I am a very big kh2 fan and I believe that this glog shows how big of an imagination you can have by adding a new made up character to the story line. Great glog hun :)

1helluvabutler added this comment  2012-06-18 01:34:46-05:00

*imma not assume cuz no assumption is needed ;)*

1helluvabutler added this comment  2012-06-18 01:33:00-05:00

sora <3...also that looks like roxas over there to the right......imma not assume....ahem..I LIKE THIS GLOG!

gothgirl added this comment  2012-06-17 19:07:36-05:00

wow this was brilliant!

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