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KH and other drawings

KH and other drawings


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cheche2000 added this comment  2012-07-05 23:00:52-05:00

xD Lolz

1helluvabutler added this comment  2012-07-04 16:10:45-05:00

good plan O_o and i think that everyone haz probs on hands and feet etc....*lawl meaning me*

cheche2000 added this comment  2012-07-04 04:18:33-05:00

x3 THANKS ! :D lol, and I dont think im a professional xD I still have problems trying to draw anime hands and draw smaller figures for mangas Dx *dies* Until i solve those goals, thats when i consider myself a pro x3 then I shall go on to voice acting and becoming a manga artist >:D

1helluvabutler added this comment  2012-07-03 18:32:58-05:00

omg u did these!? they look professional O_o GOOD JOB! I knew that it was worth it for u to put them up :3

cheche2000 added this comment  2012-07-03 09:13:34-05:00

1st top right is Roxel - Riku - demon - shadow and Xemnas - Captain... watever his name is >> - demon boy - possible KH anime vid. - Ciel - Ryo-oki - Ishtar ^-^