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About me

  • About me

    I love Scremo and other types of rock bands, my favourit is Girugamesh wich is a Japanese metal band that most people at th Harajuku Bridge listen to (Harajuku is a trype of style ect. it is a mix of most emo and goth) i have a few friends there...i am living with a transfer family in he U.S. and am being home schooled with the rest of their children.
  • Music

    my favourite music is rock, metal, scremo, and a few J-pop songs


    a few movies that i like are the deathnote trilogy 1's, the grudge, the ring, and one missed call (not the american version)
  • Lifestyle

    my lifestyle is pretty much what you see is what you get...


    i dont really play any sports...
  • Arts

    im not really for sure if you would call photography art or not... :/ but i do like to draw

Anime and Tokio Hotel

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