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cindybm added this comment  2012-02-20 20:14:06-06:00

oh its just a year older!! ppls lie about their personality nd looks on here!! this isnt bad :)

pony01 added this comment  2012-02-20 15:22:04-06:00

turns out your older already telling the truth is the grown up thing to do i am 12 too!!!

bookwormgirl13 added this comment  2012-02-20 09:29:52-06:00

Awww! It is fine, yea you shouldn't of lied but hey, who even cares! :) oh and btw, those Gabi jokes are really mean!

bekahlouise added this comment  2012-01-07 00:50:21-06:00

Lol it's okay love :) we all say we're a year older than we really are it's not a big deal :)

booklover00 added this comment  2011-12-01 15:46:05-06:00

Hey, don't feel bad. Tons of people lie about their age. It's not like you said you were eighteen. I'm 12, too.

chloers29 added this comment  2011-11-24 17:11:36-06:00

thanks guys ♥(:

stephaniec11 added this comment  2011-11-23 18:26:19-06:00

really?! oh, i actually thought you were 13!!! I'm 12 too . . but age doesn't matter (that sounded corny) :P

beforedawn added this comment  2011-11-23 17:53:45-06:00

Hunny, I lied about my age on here too. But age don't really matter to me.

justinbieberissexy94 added this comment  2011-11-23 17:41:10-06:00

i lied bout my age too but does age really matter tht much

katistoxic added this comment  2011-11-23 16:31:29-06:00

you look maturee. so, its cool :]

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