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The Final Episode

The Final Episode


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dougiefresh225 added this comment  2012-04-24 19:22:14-05:00

asking alexandria is my favorite band ever

haleyrox45 added this comment  2012-04-18 11:19:35-05:00

i love them!!!!

fallenstarsfromskies added this comment  2012-04-06 17:00:55-05:00

delideli: seriously, this band is awesome, keep your comments to yourself. and cindy,the glog is AMAZING!!!!

coolangel added this comment  2012-04-06 16:59:27-05:00

cool glog but you cant even hear a word they are saying i only hear them cursing

socorro23 added this comment  2012-04-01 20:44:31-05:00

very cool

fallenstarsfromskies added this comment  2012-03-31 11:35:38-05:00


moonlightproductions added this comment  2012-03-31 07:34:17-05:00

Amazing o: <3

mattiefluffer added this comment  2012-03-31 07:23:37-05:00

how long did this take you ? LOL

mona2010 added this comment  2012-03-30 22:53:25-05:00

oh my goooooooooddddddd thizzz izzz soooo gooodd :)))) Brilliant Cindy!

jadedragon added this comment  2012-03-28 20:09:44-05:00

This is pretty awesome. Love how you did the lyrics. :D

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