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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Friendship

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Friendship


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umaiyahl12 added this comment  2012-05-17 22:14:51-05:00

We have all heard of the horrors of what happened during WW2 and the Holocaust. But, do we know what people really thought of it then? This is what the boy in the striped pyjamas shows, but through the points of views of two 9 year old boys; one from Nazi Germany, the other a Jew. This book is fictional, and shares the boys points of views in an innocent, hilarious, and yet dark way. The author, John Boyne, captures the image of what happened through the eyes of 2 naïve children. Mr. Boyne lets the boys’ humour shine once in a while, but other than that, it is quite mysterious and dark. By that I mean that though the book is about two nine year olds, the topic of the Holocaust is nothing of that appropriate for nine year olds. When you start to read this book, you will notice that the beginning is quite monotone and boring, without much action or excitement. But, as the story moves on, it picks up, and you cannot put it down. The author describes each event thoroughly, and it leaves a vivid lasting image in your mind. The plot is that of how a 9 year old boy from Germany is forced to move because of his father’s work. The boy is Bruno, and his father is a commandant of the Nazis. Once they move, Bruno notices that other than the soldiers and his family, all the other people live on the other side of a fence. Everyone there wears striped pyjamas, and from what he has seen, Bruno thinks they are in pain, or something of that sort. So, he goes exploring to the fence. He meets another 9 year old boy there, and he is a Jew. The story gets really interesting from there, so I won’t spoil it. It is a really great book though. It opens the eyes of everyone to see that this type of thing did happen, and that we should not let it happen again. I would definitely recommend it to anyone above the age of 10, because I doubt anyone under that would be able to understand the meanings of what has happened. SO BUY THE BOOK!!!