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Simple Girl. Big Dreams.

Simple Girl. Big Dreams.


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fluffypenguincookiedough added this comment  2011-05-29 12:49:22-05:00

Bella, no no. I love you far more. ~Lori~

fluffypenguincookiedough added this comment  2011-06-07 18:26:33-05:00

I feel specialful standing next to both of you. If only I was as pretty as you guys though. c; ~Lori~

runningfromtomarrow added this comment  2011-06-08 10:02:45-05:00

Lori your beautiful, dear :3

coloringoutthelines added this comment  2011-05-28 21:10:07-05:00

Lori, I love you so much :33 Your perfect, dear. Just the way you are. <333

fluffypenguincookiedough added this comment  2011-05-23 20:17:52-05:00

^^That gurl,^^ guess what. She's amazing. She's stunning. She's beautiful. She's my sister. Mess with her and I'll turn you into a walrus. (I'm a wizard. Just ask cleverbot.) You hurt her, I break your face. The End. ~Lori~

themusicaddict added this comment  2011-07-06 11:48:24-05:00

And Lori? You're beautiful, so I don't know what you're talking about. Love yaa sister-in-law :3

themusicaddict added this comment  2011-07-06 11:47:38-05:00

I don't know if you know how happy I am that you put a purple heart on your shoulder :) I love you so much.