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coolangel glog making

 coolangel glog making


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cindybm added this comment  2012-08-12 21:49:32-05:00

This is a cool idea (:

mlowery18 added this comment  2012-08-11 12:46:05-05:00

can you make me one about the band nlt and song to be playing is heartburn by nlt.

brookemraz added this comment  2012-08-11 11:25:56-05:00

ooh i want one! just look on my profile for what i like and add whatever u want from there. :) Thanksss!! <3

hermionegrangerrules added this comment  2012-08-10 17:14:48-05:00

oooh! i want one with emma watson and harry potter!

vambie added this comment  2012-08-10 16:58:51-05:00

Clever idea:)

bowzrox added this comment  2012-08-10 16:56:38-05:00

O i want a glog please ^^

blackviolet9 added this comment  2012-08-10 16:54:40-05:00

great idea! i've thought about doing this too :)