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Strange Car Crashes

Strange Car Crashes


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visualinsanity added this comment  2013-07-25 22:13:30-05:00

funny the way things happen! like you'll see a wiped out town by a tornado and then in the same picture you'll see this little table with a cup on it that didnt move an inch!! weird!! anyways...kool glog!

clomonster added this comment  2013-04-04 13:18:43-05:00


webmadam added this comment  2013-02-26 19:27:05-06:00

Terrible. I am not into this

zombiekiller124 added this comment  2013-02-24 15:58:01-06:00

This is so extream

d33p3m0gr7 added this comment  2013-02-16 14:36:45-06:00

good beat

animexfreakx101 added this comment  2012-09-22 19:19:27-05:00

Wow. This is weird, didn't know that could happen

saisurej added this comment  2012-09-10 21:55:01-05:00

hah yep very strange

lalomanu added this comment  2012-07-29 04:03:03-05:00

not working!

princesspenne added this comment  2012-07-25 22:18:03-05:00

Wow... they were either stupid, texting, or trying to commit suicide

dimondrarity added this comment  2012-07-25 19:57:49-05:00

o wow

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