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Poster Glog by cordarius6

Poster Glog by cordarius6


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madmaxxx added this comment  2013-01-04 07:16:58-06:00

hotsammie16 bitch what yuo fat ass talkin bout, why the fuck yo finger in yo mouth you fat bitch. the food been gone. yo ugly ass tryna be sexy n shit fat fuck faced ass bitch

madmaxxx added this comment  2013-01-04 07:15:25-06:00

@lenamarie16 you a stupid ugly ass bitch, yall still lame af for this pic...blodd up niggga crip down nigga, 5's droppin 6' poppin'

rideordienigga added this comment  2012-10-31 16:16:14-05:00

30 gang

hotsammie16 added this comment  2012-10-31 13:34:52-05:00

@lenamarie16 i agree with you.. tell him how it is girl:)

raneisha added this comment  2012-10-31 12:39:08-05:00

wow ppl on glogster do the most but i like yo pic @cordarius6 :)

lenamarie16 added this comment  2012-10-31 12:02:41-05:00

madmaxxx you are stupid and you are sitting there talkin about them you don't look good at all. all them niggas up there look better than you will ever look!!! you have nothin better to do but talk about kids on the internet why don't you go get a job and a girl and mind your own fuckin self. :)

madmaxxx added this comment  2012-10-31 09:44:52-05:00

@gsupforlife ill whoop yo head boy...buck up then bitch ass nigga

madmaxxx added this comment  2012-10-31 09:43:14-05:00

ill fuck all yall lil ugly ass niggas up at the same damn time lil niggas be foolin on this shit...get a damn job or sum lil fuck boys. eat some fuckin wheeties get yo fuckin weight up. im finna blaze yall one by one....this nigga wit the glasses on, wtf you got yo thumb up for? them fake ass ray bans nappy braid ass nigga, this nigga at the bottom loook gay af yall lightskin niggas aint shit. you got all they dicks on yo fore head. this other lightskin nigga over here wit that dry ass snapback on prolly cant even spell crip. these two fat ass niggas in the back fo take a fuckin lap fat boys chief keef faced ass niggas

gsupforlife added this comment  2012-10-31 09:39:54-05:00

tht nigga madmaxx can chill foreal we got heat for niggas lik u

madmaxxx added this comment  2012-10-31 09:38:10-05:00

suuu fuckin woo mutha fucka

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