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My First Video :D But its for Leigh xD

My First Video :D But its for Leigh xD


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masterswag added this comment  2012-07-29 20:29:30-05:00

best glog ever

taylorxxkat added this comment  2012-07-24 16:19:35-05:00

you sound like me when i makee a video. lol

fallenstarsfromskies added this comment  2012-07-23 20:13:00-05:00

Your so fucking adorable ^___^

estefanyfranco7 added this comment  2012-07-19 14:15:18-05:00

I lov the video lol

cindybm added this comment  2012-07-19 01:03:12-05:00

Crissy is sexy :D

ashleya9988 added this comment  2012-07-18 05:49:58-05:00

lmao your adorable Crissy omg :33

cindybm added this comment  2012-07-17 15:38:17-05:00

Your little laugh awww so cute :3

dolphinhugger added this comment  2012-07-17 13:55:35-05:00

lol that's Crissy in the video. I'm Leigh xD she likes the videos i make so she made this so I'd make her more :P

arrivalnotes added this comment  2012-07-17 13:54:11-05:00

Kay so the person in the video is? I'm confuzzled xD She's adorable though.

fallenstarsfromskies added this comment  2012-07-16 22:11:17-05:00

OMG your so cute :DDDD

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