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a message for you


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gothgirl added this comment  2013-04-18 18:49:29-05:00

this is sad to read:( wish she would have told someone:(

brownandnerdy added this comment  2013-03-11 12:38:41-05:00

you know what they say when life gives you lemons find an annoying kid with a papercut.

randomlamb added this comment  2013-03-09 21:26:20-06:00

Dumb A bullies and their dumb A attitudes that have no purpose in life. I think, that schools should be A LOT more stricter on anti-bulling rules. Teachers should be more engaged with each individual student by asking how their day is going and what happened yesterday. If school was like that, this tragic event wouldn't of happened in your life. :'( I'm sorry for your loss.

lillymateo added this comment  2013-03-04 16:17:43-06:00

good luck ;)

lillymateo added this comment  2013-03-04 16:17:14-06:00

woow im soo sryy about ur friend i noe hoe u feel. to have such a best friend and then shes not there anymore.thats y u haave to consider life is a prize wen u wake up evryday. make life worth it cuz u never no wen things like this would happen!<3

brownandnerdy added this comment  2013-03-02 15:38:28-06:00

Well if it makes you fell better I think she's happy now.

megurineluka14 added this comment  2013-03-02 10:56:47-06:00

omg, i'm so sorry! ;_; 神はあなたを祝福しますように。 。 。

luvapagan added this comment  2013-02-28 17:07:08-06:00

Well I hope she has a nice time up there, Sorry about your friend.

cuteiepie333 added this comment  2013-02-28 16:21:44-06:00

:) thank u all for the comment they mean alot to me

rawrdalasagna added this comment  2013-02-28 13:35:38-06:00

I'm so so sorry. I understand how you feel. V-V Rest in peace, Abby *heart*

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