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About me

  • About me

    i dont know about you guys... but i consider my self normal...average these days the only way TO survive is to keep your head down and blend into the crowd...or at least thats what i've learned
  • Music

    i know this might sound weird.(so go ahead cringe away now)but i like japanese music.... weird much?


    i like anime....AND OF CORSE!!!! the walking dead.GO TEAM DARYL
  • Lifestyle

    right now...for the time being i live in indiana.... but im pretty sure that'll change after i finish highschool...


    i dont get out much....and NO im not fat....but i used to play soccer... does that count? o.o
  • Arts

    i dont draw...if i tryed my art would look like somthing that was born in a dark hole.... of no return that is


    i play the clarinet and take spanish lessons so any one who speaks spanish quiz me to see if im right Me hablar en espanol buena

smile :)

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