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About me

  • About me

    Srry not really ur beeze-cheeze! :)
  • Music

    Katy perry, ke$ha, lady gaga, the ready set, Chris Moy, black eyed peas, chris brown, taylor swift, Demi Lovato, selena gomez, and ALOT more!


    degrassi, nick, disney, my babysitter's a vampire, shake it up, wizards of waverly place, icarly, bucket and skinner's epic adventures, victorious, ant farm, pretty little liars, the nine lives of Chloe King, family guy, teen wolf, and more to name!
  • Lifestyle

    im a really sweet person! :)


    i'm not into sports! :P
  • Arts

    drawing Sketching painting


    nuffin else! XD lol

♥ Sisters FOREVER!!! ♥

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