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You know I can't stay...

You know I can't stay...


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dani5rova added this comment  2014-09-02 03:53:40-05:00

thank you! :)

vambie added this comment  2014-08-13 03:55:24-05:00

Lovely Glog:)

dani5rova added this comment  2014-08-11 15:53:52-05:00

@iamtheforeverused I'm glad you liked it :) the song is Sea Of Glass by Tom Middleton. I promise I'll make more ocean glogs!

iamtheforeverused added this comment  2014-08-11 14:10:39-05:00

Oh my god. This is beautiful <3 What song is this? I love this omg. More ocean Glogs please!!!