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I Love You My Princess, Lizzy<3

I Love You My Princess, Lizzy<3


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daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-09-29 08:25:29-05:00

XxLizzieWillKickYourAssesxX~> Yay, you love it!:D I've also 3 words for you as well... And you knoe these 3 words are...(: I... Love.... You... Lizzy. ILoveYouLizzy:] I'll never gonna give you up, And that's NEVER gonna change 1 bit! babygirl:D When I'm angry, I think of you...And my anger calms You're in my dreams, in my eyes, in my heart You're the only girl that brings me joy to my life And you're the girl, I truly love that I would NEVER give you up ever! I LoVe you Lizzy. And....That's NEVER gonna change at ALL! (:v

sugarlips12342 added this comment  2010-10-08 01:30:19-05:00 glog

xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-09-28 18:30:55-05:00

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:''D I love it Mikey:] and i have 3 words for you.. and you know thoses 3 words are.. I.. Love.. You.. Mikey. ILoveYouMikey:] and thats never ever going to change at all babyboy:D I always think of you in my heart and i always think of you in my dreams, you are the mean one for me, the mean one i truely love. I Love you Mikey. And That will NEVER change at ALL. [:

amystruck added this comment  2010-10-18 09:38:10-05:00

Lmao. This is so romantic. like: -Mikey and Lizzyy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the baby in the baby carraige. Lmfao!(; Sorry just had to say that. And what's with the babyboys and girls? I mean like wthh?? Well,love ya guys. Thats all. Byeeee < 3

tearsarefortheloveones added this comment  2010-10-31 08:30:15-05:00

AmyStruck~> Lmfao Amtx3 Daughtry233DG (aka bf Mikey)~> you know i'll always forevr love you sweety[: and thats the truth!!! no one and i mean NO ONE! will tear US 2 APART!!:) ilyyyyy ~*Kisses your cheek then giggles alil*~ I bet i just made you smile o.o i made you smile morrrreeeeeeeeee :DDDD smile smile smile smile smile smile!!!!!!!!!!! You gotta smile!!! ;D Love ya < 3 ~*Lizzy Sends Love To Comment;D*~

daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-10-01 15:47:52-05:00

gothgirl~> thanx Mandy(: emo100~> thanxiez Gracy~ (:

daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-10-05 08:28:46-05:00

XxLizzieWillKickYourAssesxX~> :3 yay(: i love you soooo fucking bloody damn in hell much Lizzy:D I do knoe that, babygirl(: (oh okay, I'll be waiting for your longer comment then babygirl) (: < 3 ily2. ~*Kisses and licks your fangs while you bite my lips*~ XD (: ILY2:D I wont EVER EVER EVER EVER FORGET THAT, LIZZY(:! ily soooo god damn fucking much and... I'LL NEVER FUCKING EVER NEVER EVER STOP LOVING YOU, PRINCESS < 3 ily Lizzy

gothgirl added this comment  2010-09-30 20:29:44-05:00

awww awesome:)

xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-10-04 23:08:11-05:00

Aww:3 ILY and i still love this glogie Mikey:] i love you soo much Mikey and you should know that for a fact sweety;D (sorry gotta make this comment short, next i'll be longer for ya Mikey babyboy) (: < 3 ily. ~*Kisses and bites your lips*~ o.o? xD ILY:D NEVER...EVER...NEVER, EVER...FORGET THAT!:D .^_^.