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I'm Your Cure <3.

I'm Your Cure <3.


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xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-12-30 10:48:18-06:00

I know that it was Mikey:] And i'm happy it came from your hreat, swetheart. ;D! I love you to, and you better/hopefully keep those promises:3 And It's glogy maybe the top hit in my fav book's of poem's by you!!:D!!! Lol, It should be true, hun.(: I love you moree: D < 3 Love, Lizzy.

daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-12-29 18:37:04-06:00

XxLizzieWillKickYourAssesxX ~> I'm REALLY glad you love it, Sweetheart(: And I meant ALL OF THIS glogy, Lizzy(: I love you, and I will and still am keeping my promises to you. I'm glad you love those things I said on this glogy:3 They all are true, Lizzy(: I love you too, Lizzy < 3 ~Love, Mikey

xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-12-29 18:30:29-06:00

Awwww. I loveesss it:D < 3! :D! and I even love the whole thing:3 even when you put two thing's that got my eye on. they were " I know you'll say 'I'm ugly.' But really, you're the most beautiful girl I've met:D " and. "We will cuddle, We will kiss all-over ourselves:D!" ^ That one made me giggle:] I loved it all < 3 & I love you, Mikey.< 3 Love, Lizzy:D

cloeylove added this comment  2011-01-26 13:16:14-06:00

-sighs and feels loneyly and unloved and sits in a corner- u no i think everyone is ignoing me even jon.......:'(

cutebunny18 added this comment  2010-12-31 16:25:35-06:00

Mike its me monica i dont think u remember but i was ur "pretend" sister and Amy's

gothgirl added this comment  2011-01-03 19:01:14-06:00

aww so sweet:)