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Possibly Goodbye For Life For Me In Glogster.

Possibly Goodbye For Life For Me In Glogster.


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rockr5 added this comment  2011-12-02 11:18:09-06:00

seriously plz dont go... u r a great friend to so many people on here i don't know what we'd do without you!

emogiggles0717 added this comment  2011-03-24 12:38:13-05:00

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I"LL MISS YOU WAYYY TO MUCH AND I WANT YOU TO STAY!!!!!!!!! PLZ STAY *cries*

zombie101 added this comment  2011-03-24 09:38:51-05:00


zombie101 added this comment  2011-03-24 09:38:37-05:00

:( i dont want u 2 go u awsome everyone on glogster is here 4 u we all love u dont leave pleaze pleaze pleaze dont leave

lizhatesyoualltohell added this comment  2011-03-25 16:56:30-05:00

I don't understand this now... Why leave? Why even think of going? You know how much you care for these poeple (even me). Mikey, you don't have to go and do this kind of thing. Plz think for a min about doing this. ... ... You know, every well, to much about glogster. and it wouldn't feel the same. I've lost alot of friend's by this way like my closest one of them all was Den. (you don't know her but hopefully she'll be back soon) and also my dear friend Kia. They left so many people here heart broken... You don't wanna do that to these people Mikey. Plz know, that you'll alway's have friend's and family here. Too watch over you and make sure your safe. ~*Sigh*~..... Hopefully, you'll understand that, love mean's to hold on to that person, and those poeple who care for and love you for who you are. So, that's all i have to say now.. < 3

rockr5 added this comment  2011-03-30 10:29:59-05:00

Mikey! YOU HAVE TO STAY!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE!!!!!!

amystruck added this comment  2011-03-25 07:21:45-05:00

You idiot. There's no reason to go. STAY. Okay?

cloeylove added this comment  2011-03-24 20:44:38-05:00

yes please stay mikey ur like the best bro ive ever had :( if u leave ill be torn apart

rockr5 added this comment  2011-04-01 08:10:14-05:00

you would break my heart if you left!