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paigeadams38 added this comment  2010-09-09 19:09:10-05:00

This is one of the best glog & poems I've EVAR read good job Mikey :D

daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-08-26 08:19:26-05:00

XxLizzieWillKickYourAssesxX ~> -kisses and hugs bak- wow, you seriously love this glog alot dont you? damn, Lizzy~ I didnt think you would love this glog this MUCH im jus simply amazed. im happy you fucking love this glog, Lizzy < 3 < 3Lizzy < 3 < 3 Amystruck ~> Lol. nice, Amykinz~ -5 hugs bak- ~Mikey~

amystruck added this comment  2010-08-26 04:09:31-05:00

Awesome lol. Yeah 'Nuff said :D I can rate lol :] *5 hugs*

xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-08-25 22:58:46-05:00

OHMYFUCKINGGODMIKEY!!!!!! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING LOVE THIS GLOG!!!! EEEPEPEPEPEEEPP!!! I WAS SO LAUGHING SO HARD ABOUT YOU TELLING OTHER GUYS TO BACK OFF!!! XDD I SOO FUCKING LOVE THIS. MIKEY I LOVE THIS!!!! But..damn it i wish i can rate it -.- i tryed rating it and it wont let me-_- damn computre. OH WELL! IF I DID RATED IT...IT WOULD BE 3000,000,000 RATE ON THIS GLOGIE MIKE. ~*hugs you an kisses you as well*~ IREALLY DO LOVE THIS!!!! < 3 < 3Mikey< 3 < 3 ~*Liz*~

songo added this comment  2010-10-15 17:07:16-05:00

love it

tearsarefortheloveones added this comment  2010-10-15 16:26:14-05:00

I still love this glog even tho it's a old one:]

sugarlips12342 added this comment  2010-08-29 00:23:51-05:00

I LOVE THIS GLOG, 5 stars!! wait no.... 50,000 stars xx

thinkergirl added this comment  2010-09-27 20:09:45-05:00

Good Song!!!!! really coool glog!!!! good job-!!!!!!!

jj284 added this comment  2010-09-02 18:14:24-05:00

love it, cool

themajikraven added this comment  2010-09-02 16:24:59-05:00


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