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She's My Heart, You Touch Her, You're Dick Is Slaughtered

She's My Heart, You Touch Her, You're Dick Is Slaughtered


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cloeylove added this comment  2010-10-19 06:19:33-05:00

:I great for u mikey -sighs unhappily-

energizerbunnyoncrack added this comment  2010-10-18 08:49:51-05:00

awww thtz so sweet and interesting

gothgirl added this comment  2010-10-18 03:18:29-05:00

lol different!

daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-10-17 23:05:57-05:00

thinkergirl~> thanks!!:D

thinkergirl added this comment  2010-10-17 22:55:52-05:00

great!!!!!! WOW!!! 5 STARS!!!

daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-10-17 22:47:30-05:00

Oh wow, i fucking hate it damn it i blame this site!!!! it's suppose to say " Mikey Will Fucking Always And Fucking Forever LoVe His Girlfriend No Matter What " but all together Lol xD

xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-10-21 16:42:51-05:00

Lmfao Mikey Omg Aww yay forever and always love? o.o love ya Mikey;D Cloeylove/Brenna~> Aww D: ~*Lizzy*~

xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-10-17 22:39:36-05:00

Lol nice trying to cut off your ending part Lmfao xD V

daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-10-17 22:37:25-05:00

XxLizzieWillKickYourAssesxX~> [: im glad you love it, Lizzy ^^ i knoe i said you're last name, but that doesnt matter atm ~*Smiles, Hugs & Kisses bak*~ and im glad to have you here with ME!!!!!:D:D:D:D ~*MikeyWillFuckingAlwaysAndFuckingForeverLoVeHisGirlfriendNoMatterTheFuckingCost*~ < 3

xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-10-17 22:10:12-05:00

Awww:] i love this one xD and damn it you said my last name-_- ...oohh who cares anyway i just love it(: and i love you to Mikey:] ~*hugs and kisses you*~ im glad to be back safing here again[: ~*LizzyWillAlwaysLoveHerBoyfriendNoMatterWhat*~ < 3

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