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When You're Gone, My Elizabeth

When You're Gone, My Elizabeth


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daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-11-16 20:41:07-06:00

TheMajikRaven~> Thank youuuuuu Raveeeeee (:::) ~*Being Stalked*~ o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm being stalked by my big sistaaa!! -Runs around- (: I love youuuuu tooo Big Sistaaaa :]

gothgirl added this comment  2010-11-11 02:53:32-06:00

aww sweet!

jacobissohot2wolfpack added this comment  2010-11-10 23:33:30-06:00

aww cute

themajikraven added this comment  2010-11-16 17:16:16-06:00

O.o Very nice work Mike. Lizzy says, she loves this. -stalks lil brother and sister- o.o? Lol. Love ya to;)

tearsarefortheloveones added this comment  2010-10-23 19:47:35-05:00

~*Smiles back, whips your tears away from your eyes*~ better?

auroraura added this comment  2010-10-23 12:27:17-05:00

XxLizzieWillKickYourAssesxX~> ~*glances at you with a smile while some tears are rolling down my tears*~

xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-10-23 01:48:31-05:00

I love you to Mikey, now plz stop crying hun. Your going to make me tear up now.

themajikraven added this comment  2010-11-24 05:03:03-06:00

Lmao -runs after lil brother- .. -grabes ahold of him- O.o

daughtry233dg added this comment  2010-10-23 01:08:41-05:00

XxLizzieWillKickYourAssesxX~> ~*keeps crying, sniffling into you*~ I.......LoVe............You, Lizzy!

xxlizziewillkickyourassesxx added this comment  2010-10-23 01:03:04-05:00

~*Hugs back and let's you cry*~ it'll be ok Mikey.

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