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glogster friends :)

glogster friends :)


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pureromance added this comment  2014-03-16 21:20:26-05:00

den89, please contact me as soon as you can. I have a question about the picture you have of the man and woman in yellow and man in white with a rose in the middle,

marie3 added this comment  2010-04-06 13:34:13-05:00

Very nice glog and song!:)5*

chalkdawg added this comment  2010-04-06 12:05:09-05:00

Well said! Lovely glog and song. 5 woofs.

den89 added this comment  2010-04-06 08:16:49-05:00

thnx so much u guys for ur nice comments im back its good to be back ,i missed u all :D

diana67 added this comment  2010-05-31 12:16:55-05:00

Magnificent glog beautiful music

den89 added this comment  2010-04-20 03:48:38-05:00

thank u :)

den89 added this comment  2010-03-03 08:17:39-06:00

awwww thnx so much ur an awesome friend :) yeah see u soon *hopefuly* love ya too hun :)xxxx

marie3 added this comment  2010-03-03 08:08:06-06:00

Thank you for be such a good friend, i hope you have a nice time away and see you when you return! love Marie! xxx

den89 added this comment  2010-03-03 08:06:23-06:00

thnx hun yeah i know ,imma miss u too :(((

silki added this comment  2010-03-03 08:05:20-06:00

oww nicee!! i will miss u :( :(!

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