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About me

  • About me

    I'm Kayleigh, I'm 16, I'm blonde with blue eyes. I'm pretty much always happy, and when i have an excuse to be sad/angry, iIusually convert that energy into happiness. I hate it when people are miserable over stupid, petty things.
  • Music

    Anything from a musical score, Alex Winston, Lana Del Rey, Florence & The Machine, Marina & The Diamonds, Sunday Girl, Plain White T's, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Muse etc.


    I study film & media. As a result, there are far too many films & tv shows i love & hate to list here.
  • Lifestyle

    I go to college, I'm currently studying AS Level Drama, Film, Media & English. I Love my friends, both the old ones from my high school and the new ones i've met at college. I try not to take like too seriously and I have awful taste in men, as i only ever seem to be attracted to complete and utter -bleeeeeep-


    Does physical theatre count as a sport?
  • Arts


I'm back, Baby!

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