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About me

  • About me

    Hi!i'm devinn and i'm 10 years old and i'm a girl i have i cute little brother and a lot of step brothers and sisters i like justin bieber and lady and selena gomez and niki monage.
  • Music

    justin bieber and christain really i don't like trash taling music.i just love justin bieber and i love everything about him


    christain , dairy of a wimpy kid and dairy of a wimpy kid rodrick's rules i just love that movie 100% and i love wating justin bieber never say never the movie and i love watching in kind except bad movies.
  • Lifestyle

    i love justin bieber i don't really don't people talking about my brother because i get mad.


    soccer, baseball, i love to play with girls and boys at the same time.I don't raelly care what people say about me because really it don't hurt my feelings.i just love playing with people.
  • Arts

    i really love art and painting i love my art teacher i love coloring a lot i love helping people i love helping everyone at school. i don't like fighting if you ever see me fighting is because people make me mad.


    i love school and i go to lindley park elemantary school in asheboro north corolina i love to play 3 squre and i like swings i please ask for you to be my friend thank you for your friend ship thanks a lot.I'm your friend !

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