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my art!!!!!!!!1

my art!!!!!!!!1


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brooque613 added this comment  2009-07-31 00:29:44-05:00

Wow! Very nice! :o)

nikkitokio added this comment  2009-06-25 00:09:29-05:00

lol i agree with xoxostarburst. your drawing is better than ine too=p awesome job though! love it! =D

snugglebug72099 added this comment  2009-07-01 14:00:11-05:00


xoxostarburst added this comment  2009-06-23 12:17:09-05:00

wow thats way better than my drawing

xxdarkentheworldxx added this comment  2009-06-23 02:16:27-05:00

way better than i can do

xshikasgirlx added this comment  2009-07-14 00:03:00-05:00

OMFG!! SAMM!!! :D i recognized your art!! :P

gothgirl added this comment  2009-07-04 01:39:43-05:00

wow this is very good! keep it up!love the top right the best:)